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We offer both healthcare professionals and patients access to legally accurate easy-to-complete living will forms, health care power of attorney forms and more all available in a variety of languages.

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Always in Stock! OUR GUARANTEE- if there are changes to Federal law or your State law, that make your advance directive books obsolete, we will replace your inventory with the revised edition free of charge.

  • Our advance directive books are printed in large type and in a format that is easily read and understood by almost anyone.
  • Our advance directive books are designed to meet federal and state laws.
  • Our advance directive books have been written in question and answer format to make health care choices easy to understand.
  • All of our advance directive books contain the most current forms that are necessary to create a legal advance directive.
  • Our advance directive books are available in a variety of languages.

Professional Media Resources (PMR) is an independently owned and family operated business with only one goal; to offer excellent service and accurate advance directive materials to our customers in a cost effective and timely manner. This has been our mission from the very beginning.

PMR was founded in St. Louis Missouri in 1991. That was the year that Congress passed the Patient Self-Determination Act, which required all health care facilities that accepted federal funds to give information to their patients concerning advance directives.  Our founder and President, Ronald Kramer, saw an opportunity to help keep the medical community in compliance with this act and started producing advance directive booklets.

With the help of his nephew, he started PMR in his basement, initially printing booklets for only three states.  Mr. Kramer received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and over the next two years, he developed booklets for the remainder of the states and the District of Columbia.  During that time the booklets were copyrighted and, in some states, they were translated into other languages.

In 1993 PMR out grew the basement and moved into its current location.  While we continue to grow, we remain a small family run business.  We pride ourselves on being the largest producer of advance directive materials in the United States, having provided booklets to over 5000 healthcare facilities.

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St. Louis MO 63146-7380